PFCC Week 17 Wrap: Regular Season Ends; Time for Super Bowl Blowout

by: exRegionalWeenie January 5, 2018

Seventeen NFL weeks. You made it seventeen weeks. Seventeen weeks of entering your picks before the deadline (usually), flipping coins to pick your winners and being surprised when a heavy favorite was upset by a crappy team that had no business winning. Congrats and thanks for sticking it out, but you're not quite done.

Super Bowl Blowout
Here's the easy part. Your final Dirty Dawg act of the season is to put a confidence factor from 1 to 12 on each of the playoff teams (1 on the crappiest team; 12 on the team you think will win the Super Bowl). For every game each team wins, you will get your points. Your confidence factors are multiplied by a given factor as we go deeper into the playoffs. And the best part is that you can't get a negative score, so be as wreckless as you want! CAUTION: Your Super Bowl Blowout picks are due by 3:35pm CST on Saturday, January 6.

Regular Season Standings
Congrats go to Brandon Bigelbach who is in first place after 17 weeks. Brandon has been excellent and consistant because he has been in the Top 5 since November. Brandon lives in Glasgow, MT, pop. 3,000. What the heck are the odds that the best Dirty Dawg of 2017 hails from such a puny place? Anywhoooo, another top contestant is Tina Fausey. She is in second place and just 5 points out of first. Next up is Brian Boyd (he's in third and just 10 points out of first place). Nate McGinnis is fourth while former leader Jerry Bailey is fifth. These guys are 18 and 30 points, respectively, behind overall leader Brandon Bigelbach.

The rest of the Top 10 are within striking distance of the overall lead. They are (from #6 to #10): Linda Kunches, Tim Oram, Tylen Preston, Jason Straub and Ted Champney.

Top Performers of Week 17
Scores were pretty crappy in Week 17 as the average was just 5 points. This is a little misleading, though, because this counts the 70 people who bailed on us before Week 17. These 'players' were assigned the same score as the week's lowest score, which was a NEGATIVE 38, thanks to Joe Kunches. So let's review. We have Linda K in the Top 10 and Joe K cranking out a -38. We're pretty sure Linda and Joe know each other because they both live in Niwot, CO. Just imagine the dinner conversations if these two live in the same house. Awkward!!

Week 17's top score belonged to David Broxton. David bagged 70 points and barely edged out Martha Hilgeman by just 2 points. Michael Boyer was third while John Zittel and Justyn Jackson were tied for fourth/fifth place with 52 points a piece. Nice job, Dawgs!

Group Standings
No changes occurred at the top of the Group Standings last week as the Hailraisers continued to flat out own first place. The Boomer Backs are a distant second, just barely ahead of the Harvey Crusaders.